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Solar Guide

We have published a free solar guide for healthcare professionals to Repower Health. This fact sheet creates renewable energy champions in health services by:

  • Identifying the problems which have made climate action crucial
  • Demonstrating how renewable energy can solve these problems
  • Empowering you to be a renewable energy champion
  • Giving you access to the renewable energy community


Repower Health Poster

We have created a poster to highlight the link between pollution and health.

This poster has been designed to be placed throughout healthcare practices on notice boards, hallways, elevators or other areas where nurses, doctors, trainees and other health professionals walk by.

The aim of the poster is to educate healthcare professionals on the direct and indirect effects of climate change on health and well-being to spark discussion and change the discussion around climate change to a health issue.

About Us


Repower Health is made up of health professionals, students and community members taking action to address climate change and related threats to health.

We aim to

  1. Map all the health services in Australia that have solar power, creating an online network and sharing their stories.
  2. Catalyse other health services to make the switch to renewables by providing up-to-date, relevant information on renewable energy options and empowering health sector workers to be the influencers in their workplaces to Repower Health!
  3. Forge networks of health professionals concerned about the links between climate change and health.


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